Excel File Recovery Software

The Open and Repair feature (go to File > Open, and click Browse) is the first option for normal users to repair their corrupt Excel files. In many cases, it works. But when Excel faces serious issues, users may have to attempt some other options or try third-party Excel recovery tools. Let us go through these simple options.


Solve the issues with a working Excel file

Excel files may become corrupt while they are being used. In that case, don’t try to save the changes to Excel. Just reopen the Excel files from File > Open. The file opens again without any issues, but the file will not have the data after the last saving.

Solve the Excel inaccessibility issues by changing the calculation option

Changing the calculation option from ‘Automatic’ to ‘Manual’ may fix some issues with the Excel. It can be done from the Formulas tab of the Excel Options dialogue box (can be opened by clicking File > Options).


Note: If the Excel file is inaccessible due to network/disk errors, copy it to a different drive or disk before attempting recovery.

A precaution against Excel corruption


As a precaution against Excel corruption, one can configure automatic backing up of the Excel file. This can be done from Tools > General Options in the Save As dialogue box (select File > Save As, and click Browse). When the General Options dialogue box appears, select Always create backup checkbox and click OK.

How to recover Excel data when the inbuilt features fail?

While using the inbuilt Excel recovery features, one has to try many methods one after the other till the Excel data is recovered; the recovery can fail too. But in third-party Excel recovery software , the recovery procedure is very simple and straight forward. This tool recovers data from multiple XLS and XLSX files irrespective of the Excel version. So many Excel users prefer this tool over the inbuilt features.

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Developed by Microsoft, MS Excel is a popular spreadsheet application for Windows OS, Mac OS and iOS. MS Excel allows you to organize, format and calculate huge amount of data using formulas. It even allows you to make large calculations through different mathematical formulas. You can add tables, hyperlinks, texts, unique code, macros, numerical, etc. to an Excel file. MS Excel is specifically useful for the organizations who need to keep a record of every information. You can also make graphical representations using MS Excel. MS Excel is a part of MS Office suite that also has programs like MS Office Word, MS Office Outlook, MS Office PowerPoint, MS Office Publisher, etc.

However, Excel documents are highly vulnerable to corruption. And, there are various common reasons that can cause Excel corruption. Improper System Shutdown, Virus attacks, Abrupt Excel termination, Bad sectors on hard drive where Excel documents are stored, large size of Excel file, Upgradation to new Excel version, etc. are some of them.

When an Excel file gets corrupt, it may generate different error messages. This article is particularly going to talk about one particular Excel corruption error message and the ways to resolve it. If you try to open a corrupt Excel file, you might get the following error message:

“File Error: Data may have been lost”

This error might take away your crucial data if it’s not fixed immediately. This error is likely to appear because of the two reasons – 1. If the Excel file is created by an older version of MS Excel and you’re trying to open it with a new version of MS Excel, or 2. The Excel file has been simply corrupted or damaged.


To get rid of the error, you can try opening the file in the Excel version it was created. But, if you’re unable to open the file, it means the file has been corrupted or damaged. You can try fixing the error manually. There are two ways to do it.

1.Use Open and Repair feature

Follow the image given below to use the mentioned feature to repair and open the corrupt Excel file. You can try repairing the corrupt Excel file using the feature and check if it works.

excel2.If it doesn’t work, try saving the file in XML or HTML format and then save it back to normal format. See the image given below to save the Excel file in XML or HTML format:

23It might work as well. However, if it doesn’t resolve the issue, there are chances that the corruption is severe and manual methods aren’t sufficient enough to resolve it. You need to use a professional Excel repair software in that case. An authentic Excel repair tool deals with all kinds of Excel corruption issues effectively.

Excel Repair Software

The Excel Repair tool ensures quick and accurate recovery of corrupt Excel (XLS or XLSX) files. It easily resolves the mentioned error and capable of repairing Excel documents created by any version of MS Excel. It guarantees complete recovery of all Excel data items such as OLE objects, forms, fields, reports, footnotes, headers, and hyperlinks. Excel Repair tool offers support for MS Excel including 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, XP, 2000, 97 and 95. And, works well with all Windows OS versions including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, NT and 95. Equipped with easy-to-understand Graphical User Interface (GUI), the software is also available in free demo version. You can use the demo version free of cost to analyze its features and functionality.

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There are numerous instances in your memories which share a good stack of encountered errors while using excel files. Such memories may be short-lived, sophisticated, unworthy and sometimes considered as complete crap when you get encountered with. Wherever they may appear, the most concerning stage at that point is inaccessibility of excel files.

Inaccessibility to damaged/corrupt MS Excel files remain quite a common issue, but as the time surpassed, the application also got enhanced allowing the user to deal with various threats and other issues. To deal with an uprising of non-concurrent events of damages and corruption, Microsoft has designed inbuilt repair functionality. The capacity of this inbuilt functionality is limited up to some extent; therefore, most of the time it is recommended to use a third-party tool for getting better accessibility.

Responding to Bad Excel Sheets

To refute the effect of damages on excel data sheet or technically rescuing the damaged excel sheets, it is crucial to get assistance from a reliable third-party tool. Such tools are blended with high-performing algorithms that reduce the excel file irrespective of their corruption level. Thus, it would not be wrong to state that they act as a safe house or right solution to deal with badly corrupt MS Excel files.

However, for an individual, it is also important to make a wise selection of third-party data recovery tool. The tool has been designed to meet the users expectations related to the outcry of excel file corruption. Due to a simple user-friendly graphic interface, this tool can be used by any user irrespective of knowledge level. Thus, it can be inferred that no technical know-how is required prior handling the tool.

 Excel Repair Tool – A Sandbox for Damaged Excel Files

If you are looking to access damaged excel files after repairing them and that too without taking much time, then you must immediately look for Excel Repair tool. The software is designed to efficiently repair damaged .xls/.xlsx files within no time. To provide incredible results, Excel Repair tool uses dual recovery mode: Single File Mode and Multi File Mode. As the name suggests, the recovery modes are used as per requirement of the user. The software keeps the consistency in data by maintaining the data integrity throughout the process. Once the rescue operation is completed, the tool provides ‘Preview’ option to ensure perfect recovery of excel file properties.

Thus, the entire steps involved in rescuing Excel files are predominated by inbuilt algorithm. To examine the tool capacity, you must try its evaluation version that works like a true version with the only difference that prior does not save the result.

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Excel files are designed to keep the calculations work unplugged. Be it related to accounts, investment, capital gains, break-even point details and other commerce related work. User is independent to maintain separate worksheet for individual draft of any work, multiple and typical calculations are made in a single click and statistical representations of work can be perfectly presented in different diagrammatic forms.

With the change in version of MS Office, there are certain changes made in their working strategy. Through the time MS Office’s productivity has been increased and accepted by system professionals. The most recent release of MS Office suite is cloud-based Office 365, which provides accessibility to Office files from anywhere.

Whatsoever advancements are made by MS Office, the existence of error cannot be denied. No matter if you are using Office 365 or MS Office 2016, the chances of corruption are same as they were for prior versions of Office. Moreover, their degree of existence may vary, but their forms remain same.

Getting introduced to “.XLS file format is invalid” error

.XLS file format is invalid —This error keeps haunting excel file users as its recovery to original file format is next to impossible until some assistance is taken from third-party. The manifestation of error can be recognized when concerned .XLS file does not get open. If user tries to open that file again a dialog box pops-up branding “.XLS file format is invalid” error. This error clearly indicates that the concerned Excel file’s file format is not recognized by software and thus it labels it as invalid.

To deal with invalid file format error there is manual method which involves repair through Menu ribbon located at the top of the page. To initiate such repair process, select the damaged excel workbook followed by clicking Open and Repair tab. Once it is done, separately save the repaired file in different destination and move ahead.

However, the chances of perfect conversion are less but yes, your damaged file could be recovered.

Excel Repair Tool-A Justified Approach for “.XLS file format is invalid” error

Since “.XLS file format is invalid” error is not limited to any version of MS Office, the approach to deal with this error at different realms must be different. Therefore, a tool must be installed that can fix the issue in any version of MS Excel. Excel Repair tool is well-equipped with the facility to deal with such error in different versions of MS Excel. The software supports MS Excel 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003/XP/2000/97/95 files and Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95.

Due to large support versions most system professionals are carrying out their excel repair operations with this tool. It allows recovery of all excel data items such as text, objects, graphs, OLE objects and hyperlinks. The recovery of these data items is based on dual recovery modes, namely: Single File Mode and Multi File Mode. As their name suggest, the selection is entirely based upon volume of Excel files to be processed. The entire data integrity is maintained throughout.

Once process of repair is completed the tool provides an option to preview the recovered items just to ensure that recovery has been perfectly accomplished. Just to experience the features and recovery process used by it, you are recommended to download the trial version that works like licensed version but limits itself by not saving the recovered excel files.

Now, get rid of inaccessibility issue that often hampers your work and process huge volume of damaged excel files in few clicks without getting data washed.

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Microsoft Excel is leading the market of spreadsheet applications for Windows and MAC operating systems. As the result of continuous evaluation, MS Excel files are now having .xlsx format instead of .xls format. However, still Excel files can be saved in .xls format but for that users need to explicitly save the Excel files to Excel 97 – 2003 format.

The step to make .xlsx the default format for MS Excel is taken to make it more secure, but the fact is Excel files are still prone to corruption. Keeping the Excel file corruption in mind, here, we are going to describe the process to perform Excel repair automatically. Before, we proceed ahead we would like to list the reasons making Excel files corrupt:

  • Power tripping often leads into the sudden system shut down. At the time when you are working with MS Excel and the system gets shutdown suddenly, the Excel file may get corrupt.
  • Playing with the format of Excel sheet may also lead into its damage.
  • Viruses often make changes in the indexing of the file and make it damage.
  • Failure of MS Excel can also cause damage to the Excel sheets.

After being acknowledged with the causes of Excel damage, let us describe the process to perform Excel repair, automatically. Yes, the damaged files can be repaired automatically without spending even a single penny buying third-party Excel repair tool. Mentioned below are the steps that will help repairing .xls or .xlsx file automatically:

1. Start MS Excel.

2. Select the MS Office button and click Open.

3. Select the corrupt Excel file.

4. Click the down arrow beside the Open button and select Open and Repair.

As you select, the Open and Repair option, the corrupt Excel sheet will be repaired and opened successfully. This is the most appropriate way to execute Excel repair. However, this is the most appropriate solution for xls or xlsx recovery; it has some limitations that are listed below:

  • One .xls or .xlsx file can be repaired at a time
  • Files with severe damage cannot be repaired
  • Data accuracy is always a topic for discussion with the automatic Excel repair

These issues can be overcome with the third-party Excel Repair software. The software supports repairing multiple files in one repair cycle. You can easily repair both .xls file or .xlsx file with the Excel repair software. Be it single Excel sheet or hundreds, you can repair them effectively.
The software comprises two modes. First mode is named Single File Mode that helps repairing one .xls or .xlsx file at a time. The second mode is named Multi File Mode that helps repairing multiple .xls and .xlsx files at once. The appealing feature of the software is it supports all versions of Microsoft Excel and Windows operating system. You can use it to Repair Excel files created using Excel 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 97, and 95. One can try the software for free.

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Today, a spreadsheet program that enables you to perform calculations, integrate information from different applications and analyze the data is Microsoft Excel.

As a matter of fact, Excel files are also affected by error, damage, and corruption. Since Excel files are affected by error, the bottom line is that you need to repair them.

In order to recover your valuable data, you can use the last, valid, and proper backup. However, in case of unavailability of a proper and clean data backup, you can use a professional and efficient Excel recovery tool to repair the damaged and corrupt Excel files.

Let us consider a real life scenario wherein when you are trying to open a Excel file, you come across the following error message:

“.xls cannot be accessed. The file may be read-only or you may be trying to access a read-only location or, the server the document is stored on may not be responding

Once the above mentioned error message appears, you cannot access the Excel file and the data stored in it.

There are more than one reasons for the occurrence of the above mentioned error message. They are as follows:

One reason may be that you do not have sufficient permissions to access the Excel file.

Another reason may be that the Excel file is located on a server that is currently unavailable.

Yet another reason may be that you are trying to open a damaged or corrupt Excel file.

In order to resolve the error, you can perform one of the following:

Try to open the repair the Excel file using the Open and Repair utility.

Save the damaged file in XML or HTML file format and then you can convert it back to Excel file format.

In case you have used a chart that is linked to a damaged or corrupt Excel file, you can use a macro to extract the data.

If you are still not able to resolve the error, you can use a proper and valid data backup to restore your valuable data.

However, in case a proper and valid data backup is not available then you can use a professional and proficient third party Excel recovery tool to repair the damaged and corrupt Excel files.

A number of Excel recovery tools are available in the market. Carefully choose the one that suits as per your requirements.

However, it is but natural for you to get confused while deciding upon the Excel recovery tool as numerous such Excel recovery tools are available in the market. Evaluate the Excel recovery tool’s varied features, functionality, and performance by working on the free demo version.

A professional, comprehensive and output-oriented third party Excel recovery tool  is capable of repairing the damaged and corrupt Excel files.

The graphical user interface of  Excel recovery tool is absolutely self-descriptive and easy to understand. This feature helps novice and non-technical users to easily operate the tool.

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Whenever corruption occurs in MS Excel workbook, we tend to go berserk as we assume that all data has gone now and nothing could be done to get it back. But that’s not true. There are various methods that you can use to recover information from damaged or corrupted Excel files.

Following are some of the methods for recovering data in corrupted MS Excel files and helps in Excel file repair.

Method 1: Save the file in HTML format

If you can open the corrupted Microsoft Excel file, you can “filter” it if you save it in HTML format, close the file, and then reopen it.

  1.  You need to Save As the file in Web Page (*.htm, *.html) format.
  2.  Change the name of the file to create a new “filtered” copy without replacing the original.

Method 2: Use external references to recover data

You can recover information from a damaged Excel file by extracting the values using external references to link to the file. The file structure must be complete; otherwise, MS Excel cannot read the information.

Method 3: Use the Revert To Saved Document command to recover data

If you are working on Excel worksheet and the file accidentally becomes corrupted before you have saved changes to the file, you can recover the original worksheet by doing the following:

  •  On the File menu, click Open and select the name of the file that you are editing.
  •  Dialog box appears with the message “Revert to Saved Document?”
  •  Click OK.

Method 4: Use a macro to extract the data in a chart

In MS Excel versions 5.0 and later versions, data may be retrieved from a chart, even when the data is in an external worksheet or workbook. When the source data to a chart is lost, you can still retrieve the data from the chart itself by using a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro.

Method 5: Use the Microsoft Excel File Recovery Macro to recover information

If you can open the workbook in Microsoft Excel, you can use the Microsoft Excel File Recovery Macro to re-create Excel worksheets, XLM macro sheets, and module sheets in a new workbook. This macro also creates a log file that helps in determining which item causes the problem, and can re-create the workbook without that item.

Method 6: Open the file in Microsoft Word or WordPad or MS Excel Viewer

If MS Excel Viewer is installed, then opening Excel file in MS Word or WordPad or Excel Viewer can help you in Excel file repair and you can recover module sheets, dialog sheets, chart sheets, macro sheets, or any embedded charts.

You can also use Excel recovery software for Excel file repair in an easiest and convenient manner.

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